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Dharmaram College
Dharmaram College.jpg
MottoIsha Bhakti Paramjnanam
Motto in English
"Devotion to Lord is Supreme Wisdom"
TypeRoman Catholic Seminary; Continuing Formation Institute, Clerical Residence
Established21 June 1957 (62 years ago)
RectorRev. Dr. George Edayadiyi
Bangalore, India

12°56′10.8″N 77°36′10.5″E / 12.936333°N 77.602917°E / 12.936333; 77.602917Coordinates: 12°56′10.8″N 77°36′10.5″E / 12.936333°N 77.602917°E / 12.936333; 77.602917
NicknameCarmelites of Mary Immaculate
AffiliationsSyro-Malabar Catholic Church; Carmelites of Mary Immaculate

Dharmaram College is a Major Seminary of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate[1] Congregation.[2][3] It was relocated to Bangalore in 1957 from Chethipuzha in Kerala.[4] It is the combination of the Sanskrit words dharma (virtue) and aram that makes the word Dharmaram, which means 'Garden of Virtues'. The 'Garden of Virtues' symbolizes the Sacred Heart of Jesus to which Dharmaram is dedicated to. "Isabhakti Paramjnanam" (Love of God is the Supreme Wisdom) is the motto of Dharmaram. The aim of Dharmaram is to form holistically, spiritually, intellectually and culturally future generation priests who are prepared to commit themselves to the service of the Church and the world.


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