Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

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Dharmaraya Swamy Temple
Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Bangalore edit1.jpg
Front view of the temple
DistrictBangalore Urban district
FestivalsBangalore Karaga
Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is located in Bengaluru
Dharmaraya Swamy Temple
Location in Bangalore
Geographic coordinates12°57′55″N 77°35′00″E / 12.965395°N 77.58325°E / 12.965395; 77.58325Coordinates: 12°57′55″N 77°35′00″E / 12.965395°N 77.58325°E / 12.965395; 77.58325
TypeHindu temple architecture

Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is one of the oldest and famous temple situated in Bangalore city.

Karaga festival[edit]

Gowdas, Ganacharyas, Chakridaararu are the ordained sects among the Vahnikula Kshatriyas to carry the tradition of conducting the Karaga. Chakridararu are those who perform the various pooja activities at the time of Karaga. These include the ghante poojaris, who are the gurus and carry out the temple rituals, the family of the Karaga priest, the descendants from the clan of Potaraja, Banka Poojari (announcers of the Karaga) and Kolkararu (messengers). These five families have a Kula purohita(clan priest), who is a Brahmin. He performs rituals as per the shastras (sacred texts). All the rituals are steeped in secrecy. Overall management and supervision of the festivities is done by Ganacharyas. All these categories of functionaries are supervised by the Gowdas, who ensure smooth functioning.[1]



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