Dharoi dam

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Dharoi Dam
Dharoi dam is located in Gujarat
Dharoi dam
Dharoi Dam
Official name Dharoi Water Resources Project
Country India
Location Mehsana and Sabarkantha districts
Coordinates 24°0′16″N 72°51′13″E / 24.00444°N 72.85361°E / 24.00444; 72.85361Coordinates: 24°0′16″N 72°51′13″E / 24.00444°N 72.85361°E / 24.00444; 72.85361
Purpose Irrigation & water supply
Status Operational
Construction began 1971
Opening date 1978
Construction cost Rs 960 Million
Dam and spillways
Impounds Sabarmati River
Height (foundation) 45.87 metres (150 ft)
Length 1,207 metres (4,000 ft)
Spillways 12 radial
Spillway type Ogee
Spillway capacity 21662 m3/s
Total capacity 907.88 MCM
Catchment area 5,475 square kilometres (5.9×1010 sq ft)
Surface area 107 square kilometres (1.2×109 sq ft)
Power station
Type Conventional
Hydraulic head 31.7 metres (100 ft)
Installed capacity 1.4 MW
Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam is a gravity dam on the Sabarmati river near Dharoi, Mehsana district of northern Gujarat in India. Constructed in 1978, the dam is meant for irrigation, power generation and flood control.[1]


Video of Dharoi dam

19 villages partially and 28 villages fully submerged into its reservoir so they were relocated to new villages. Total land submerged under reservoir include 349.39 hectares (863.4 acres; 1.3490 sq mi) forest land, 2,727.55 hectares (6,739.9 acres; 10.5311 sq mi) wasteland, 7,489.87 hectares (18,507.9 acres; 28.9185 sq mi) cultivable land.[2]

It irrigated 31,393 hectares (77,570 acres; 121.21 sq mi) in 2007-08.[2]


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