Dher Majra

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Dher Majra is an archeological site associated with the Indus Valley Civilization in Rupnagar district in the Indian state of Punjab. The settlement was believed to primarily belong to the Bara culture strand of the Indus Valley Civilization.[1]

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  1. ^ Amalananda Ghosh, Archaeology and history, Agam Kala Prakashan, 1987, ... Dher Majra, Bara and Sanghol are all mainly Bara culture sites (Sharma, 1982a, 141-43, 154-57). Bhagwanpura, Dadheri, Nagar and Katpalon (Joshi et al, 1982, pp. 191-94), where Bara and Painted Grey Ware are found interlocked ... 

Coordinates: 31°02′N 76°37′E / 31.033°N 76.617°E / 31.033; 76.617