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Derai is an administrative unit, known as Union council, of Swat District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. People living there belongs to yousafzai tribe.As yousafzai is divided into many branches.So, most of the people in dherai belongs to ALIKHANKHAIL(sub branch of yousafzai) tribe which is again divided into 3 subs i-BARAKHANKHAIL ii-Awdal khel iii- SULTAN KHEL


Most of the people are also earning their livelihood in foreign countries.

Saidu Teaching Hospital, Swat, Pakistan, is one of the largest hospitals of Malakand Division. Salim Medical Centre, Derai is one of the largest medical centre working for the welfare of the area.


It is believed that Alexander the Great came through this area and stayed at Derai/Derai for two days.

Notable people[edit]

Dherai kaley is the birthplace of many people that contributed and are contributing for the well fare of nation.

▪ Engr Mukhtar Ahmad Civil Engineer working in private sector & Ex-social worker ▪Dr Abdus Samad khan (Ex- MS of Saidu Hospital ▪ Ismail Shahnamy Graduate Madina University