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Dheri likpani
Town and union council
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Mardan District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Area code(s) 23240

Dheri is name of a village in tehsil Katlang, District Mardan.[citation needed] It is a pashto word which means small mound of soil. Dheri is union council of district mardan and usually called as " Dheri-Likpani".

Dheri Union council is a stronghold of JUI(F),ANP,PTI (Pakistan Thereek-e-insaaf),ANP and QWP. It consists of the following villages: Zareef Khan Dheri, Madad Khan Bandda, Mohalla Daavikhel, Cheel, Charchur,Likpani, Kotkay, Jhangi-deer etc.

There are many Pashtun tribes living in Dheri.[citation needed]

  1. Miangan
  2. Badrashi
  3. Wardag
  4. Kakakhel
  5. Dalazak
  6. Gultasbri
  7. Kasab Ghar
  8. Lowaran
  9. Sayydan
  10. Tarkan
  11. Gharghasht

Ghurghusht tribe is further divided into Kakar, Daavi ( also called Daavi Khel), Jalal Khel and Cheenawal.[citation needed]

The population of Ghurghusht tribe is more than Dalazak and Wardag tribes. gul tabri,Wardak and Badrashi tribes mainly lives in Lekpani village.

There are other tribes too living in Dheri union council namely Sahibzadgan, Miangan, Tarkan, Sayydan, Lowaran and Kasab Ghar.

Baghicha Dheri (Mardan)[edit]

Kakakhel (tribe) inhabitants of Mardan District mainly belong to the village of "Baghicha Dheri" (meaning fruit bearing hill), previously known as Surkh Dheri (meaning red rock).