Dhi Qar Governorate

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Dhi Qar Governorate
ذي قار
Dhi Qar Province
Location of Dhi Qar Governorate
Coordinates: 31°14′N 46°19′E / 31.233°N 46.317°E / 31.233; 46.317Coordinates: 31°14′N 46°19′E / 31.233°N 46.317°E / 31.233; 46.317
Country  Iraq
Capital Nasiriyah
 • Total 12,900 km2 (5,000 sq mi)
Population (2012 [1])
 • Total 2,000,000

Dhi Qar Governorate (Arabic: ذي قار Dhī Qār‎) (or Dhi Qar Province) is a governorate in southern Iraq. The provincial capital is Nasiriyah. Prior to 1976 the governorate was known as Muntafiq Governorate. Dhi Qar was the heartland of the ancient Iraqi civilization of Sumer and the ruins of Ur, Eridu, Lagash, Larsa, Girsu, Umma, and Bad-tibira are located here.

Ancient history[edit]

Further information: Sumer


Dhi Qar today[edit]

Dhi Qar Governorate includes the towns of al-Rifai, Qalat Sukkar, Ash Shatrah, al-Gharraf, Suq al-Shuyouk, Khamisiyah and al-Chibayish

In the mid 1990s the governor was Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, who later became police chief of the country, and in 1999, director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.[2]

An Nasiriyah witnessed some of the heaviest fighting and some of the stiffest resistance against invading U.S. forces in 2003.[citation needed]

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