Dhiyamigili dynasty

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The Dhiyamigili dynasty was the fifth royal dynasty to rule over the Maldives. It comprised four sultans:

The Dhiyamigili dynasty was deposed by the Huraa dynasty in 1774.Dhiyamigili Dynasty started from a poor man named Muhammad Thohali Thakuru. He had two sons named Dhoshee Kalo and Hagu Kalo. Dhoshee Kalo was later known as Ibrahim Dhoshimeyna Thakurufaanu and Hagu Kalo was later known as Hassan Ranahamaidhi Thakurufaanu. From these two brothers, the son of Ibrahim Dhoshimeyna Thakurufaanu, became the first King of this Dynasty. He was As'Sultan Muzaffar Muhammad Imadhuddin (second).

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