Dhoby Ghaut

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Dhoby Ghaut
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese多美歌
 • PinyinDuōměigē
 • MalayDhoby Ghaut
 • Tamilதோபி காட்

Dhoby Ghaut (/ˌdbi ˈɡɔːt/) is a place in Singapore that often refers to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, a major interchange station on Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit network. As a place, Dhoby Ghaut lies along the eastern end of Orchard Road. There is a shopping mall above the MRT station called Plaza Singapura.

The Atrium@Orchard is a retail and office development, comprising two office blocks and retail space on the ground floor, located just above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.


Dhoby Ghaut or Dhobi Ghat (Hindi: धोबी घाट, IAST: Dhobī Ghāṭ) literally means washerman's place in Hindi, from dhobi, "washerman" or one that does laundry, and ghat, referring to a series of steps leading down to a body of water,[1] as in the case of the Varanasi ghats by the Ganges. The Hindi term ghat passed into English usage during the British occupation of India, and was later anglicised to ghaut.[2][3]

Early history[edit]

Until the early 1900s, the dhobis used water from a clear stream that flowed into Sungai Bras Basah, now Stamford Canal. This stream now exists as a large drain beside Handy Road. The ghats, or steps leading down to the stream, were demolished when Sungai Bras Basah was canalised. The dhobis would then dry the laundry at Dhoby Green, the open park bounded by Stamford Road, Handy Road, Bras Basah Road and Prinsep Street.

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