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Union council and town
Country Pakistan
Region Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Mansehra District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Dhodial (also known as Dhudial) is a town and union council located near Baffa between Mansehra and Shinkiari in Mansehra District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[1] Dhodial is a fertile region known for its vegetables and tobacco. Dhodial is also well known for its pheasant conservation project.[2]The town was badly affected by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.


Dhodial is north of Mansehra in Hazara area at an altitude of 3,267 feetCoordinates: 34°26′N 73°16′E / 34.433°N 73.267°E / 34.433; 73.267.[3] The river Siren flows alongside the town.

Health care[edit]

This area is known for the treatment of mentally ill patients. The Government of Pakistan established a National Psychiatric Health unit, called the "Government Mental & General Hospital" in Dhodial in the early 1960s. Its purpose was to treat patients with mental illness and to function as a general hospital. It had facilities for the treatment of mentally disabled patients, including physical and mental grooming. Mohammad Irfan was the initial medical superintendent and consultant psychiatrist. The government's other plans included the SOS Children's Villages and National Pheasantry. This hospital became tuberculosis sanitorium Dadar in 2002 and Hazara University was formed in it.


The University of Hazara is situated in Dhodial and provides education to students throughout Mansehra District and the Hazara Region.


The prominent political group is the Pakistan Muslim League (N) - which is led by Nawaz Sharif. The Swati, Awan and Hashmi Tribes who are in the majority coalition are also politically strong and influential. Other political parties are the Jamiat Ullamay e Islam, Jammat Islami Pakistan. Dhodial has 3 village councils: Village Council Malkal, Arghoshal and Geerwal. The largest is VC Malkal.


Dhodial is famous for conservation and captive breeding of various species of pheasants. Dhodial Pheasantry, Asia's largest pheasantry, is located there.