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Dhol Academy
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GenresBhangra, World music

Dhol Academy is a predominantly traditional Indian Punjabi dhol drum group based and founded in London, currently holding classes and workshops whilst touring the United Kingdom with various shows and acts.

Dhol Academy started by Pritam Singh Bamrah in East London as place to get youth off the streets and involve them with a culture which allows them to showcase their talents. Some of the original players are now involved within the musical environment and help train new budding Dhol players. Dhol Academy run various classes teaching children 7+ and adults weekly. Dhol Academy is a traditional Indian drumming group and has a strong involvement with charities and good causes. Dhol academy perform annually at the Rise Festival, which has a strong multicultural anti-racial message for London.

In the DholDrums created by Ajay Chhabra (the biggest Dhol drum in the world)[edit]

Dhol Academy may be best known for its "in the Dhol Drums act", which features the biggest dhol in the world. It was created by Ajay Chhabra, who invited to the Dhol Academy to be part of his new show.

A processional music show, inspired by the north Indian dhol drum, created and directed by Ajay Chhabra with the Dhol Academy and Walk the Plank.[1] A giant, mobile dhol drum (3 m × 5 m) is processed through the street, flanked by drummers and two stilted characters that interact with the audience.

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