Dhoni, Palakkad

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Shiva Temple at Dhoni village

Dhoni is situated around 15 Kilometers from Palakkad town in Kerala, India. It is famous for Dhoni Waterfalls and the Western Ghat forests. Dhoni is bordered by Western Ghats on north. It is also a popular trekking spot for tourists. Dhoni farm is situated at Dhoni.

Dhoni Waterfalls is located around 15 km from Palakkad and around 34 km from Kollengode Town in Palakkad. An entry pass is required before entering the area. A fee of Rs.100/- (from 15 August 2016) will be charged per person. You have to walk 4 km from the bottom of the hill to reach the waterfalls. The roads are not tarred, and one can see water flowing down between the rocks on the way up. No restrictions for carrying food to the top.

Upon reaching the top, one can see the lovely view of the waterfalls and enjoy a bath in the cold waters. With a climb up the rocks one can feel the beauty of the jungles and it is said to have leopards, elephants and so. However, encountering them is rare. A 4 km walk can sometimes be dehydrating as it is a humid area and never climb the hill without much rest in between as continuous climbing can make you feel tired and will kill the joy of trekking.[1][2]

Important Landmarks[edit]

  • St.James the Great Church
  • Shiva Temple , Dhoni
  • Plaza Junction, Dhoni
  • Chettil Vettiya Bhagavathy Temple
  • LEAD College of Management, Dhoni, Palakkad
  • Hemambika Railway Colony
  • Railway Headquarters
  • Krishna Temple, Pappadi
  • Dhoni Livestock Farm
  • Sidhi Vinayaka Temple
  • Pakal Veedu Asylum
  • Government Highschool, Ummini

Suburbs and Villages[edit]

  • Ullas Nagar and Vishnu Nagar
  • Soorya Nagar and Shanthi Nagar
  • Akathethara and EMS Nagar
  • Thanav Railway Station and Athaniparamba



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