Dhoop Chhaon

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Dhoop Chhaon
Directed by Nitin Bose
Written by Sudarshan (story)
Nitin Bose (screenplay)
Starring Biswanath Bhaduri
Vikram Kapoor
Krishnachandra Dey
Sardar Akhtar
Pahadi Sanyal
Release date
  • 1935 (1935)
Running time
125 minutes
Language Hindi

Dhoop Chhaon is a 1935 Hindi movie directed by Nitin Bose. It was a remake of the Bengali film Bhagya Chakra. Dhoop Chhaon was the first Hindi film to use playback singing.[1] It was Bose who came up with the idea of playback singing. He discussed with music director Raichand Boral and Bose's brother Mukul Bose, who was the sound recordist in New Theatres, implemented the idea.[2]


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