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Dhrangadhra State
Princely State of British India
Flag Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Dhrangadhra
Location of Dhragandhra State in Saurashtra
 •  Established 1742
 •  Indian independence 1948
 •  1892 3,023 km2 (1,167 sq mi)
 •  1892 100,000 
Density 33.1 /km2  (85.7 /sq mi)
Today part of India
Princely States of India

Dhrangadhra State was a princely state during the British Raj. The town of Dhrangadhra served as its capital. It was also known as Halvad-Dhrangadhra State. Halvad once had been the capital of this state.[1] In 1735, Dhrangadhra was founded as its new capital.


The state was founded as zalawad in 1090 by Harpal Dev Makwana, also founding father of the Zala Rajput dynasty of Wankaner State. In 1742 Dhrangadhra, a new capital, was founded and the state was renamed after it. Among the earlier names were Kuwa and Halwad; the state is still sometimes styled Halwad(-Dhrangadhra). In 1820-21, the northern portion of the dhrangadhra was plundered and devasted by Kolis of Vagad of Cutch State.[2][3]

Dhrangadhra State was ruled by Rajputs belonging to the Zala dynasty.[4] The rulers of the state bore the title Raj Sahib,[5] until 1918 when the style Maharaja Shri Raj Sahib was adopted.

Under the British Raj, the colonial Eastern Kathiawar Agency was in charge of Dhrangadhra, which was a salute state entitled to a Hereditary salute of 13-guns. The state had a population of 100,000 in 1892 on 3,023 Square Kilometers km². The privy purse was fixed at 380,000 Rupees when it ceased to exist by accession to recently independent India's western state Saurashtra (now in Gujarat) on 15 February 1948.


Raj Sahibs of Zalawad[edit]

  • ... (first centuries missing)
  • Raidharji Vagohoji, 24th Raj Sahib of Zalawad 1486 - (death?) 1499
  • Ajoji Raidharji, 25th Raj Sahib of Zalawad in 1499]], eldest son of the above; deposed, but later became Raj Rana Ajja Singh of Bari-Sadri; died 17 March 1527 at Khanwa
  • Ranoji Raidharji, 26th Raj Sahib 1499 - death 1522, born 1491, second surviving son of Raidharji Vagohoji
  • Mansihji I Ranoji, 27th Raj Sahib 1522 - (death?) 1563, son of the above
  • Raisinhji Mansinhji, 28th Raj Sahib 1563 - (death?) 1584
  • Chandrasinhji Raisinhji, 29th Raj Sahib 1584- (death?) 1628, eldest surviving son of the above
    • his firstborn Kumar Shri Prithirajji Chandrasinhji didn't survive him, his firstborn Kumar Shri Sultanji/Sartanji Prithirajji, prevented from succeeding to Dhrangadhra by his uncle, Amarsinhji; however ancestor of the Rulers of Wankaner; died after 1632 killed by his uncle in a skirmish
    • his fourth son Kumar Shri Abhaisinhji Chandrasinhji became ancestor of the rulers of Lakhtar State & Than State
  • Askarasnji Chandrasinhji, eldest surviving son of the above, 30th Raj Sahib 1628 - death 1633, possibly murdered by his brother in a contest for the gaddi (throne)
  • Amarsinhji Chandrasinhji, younger brother of the above, 31st Raj Sahib of Dhrangadhra 1633- (death?) 1644
  • Meghrajji II Amarsinhji, 32nd Raj Sahib 1644 - (death?) 1660
  • Gajsinhji Meghrajji, son of the above, 33rd Raj Sahib 1660, second at Dhrangadhra - (death?) 1672
  • Jaswantsinhji I Gajsinhji, second son of the above, 34th Raja 1672 - death 1718
  • Pratapsinhji Jaswantsinhji, firstborn son of the above, 35th Raja 1718 - death1730
  • Raisinhji II Pratapsinhji, firstborn son of the above, 36th Raja 1730 - death 1745??44; last ruling at Halvad till 1742, first at Dhrangadhra see below
    • third son Kumar Shri Sesoji Raisinhji [Sesabhai] founded Sayla State.

Raj Sahibs of Dhrangadhra[edit]

H.H. Man Singh, Raja of Dhrangadhra, c. 1870s
  • Raisinhji II Pratapsinhji, 36th Raja 1730 see above, first at Dhrangadhra
  • Gajsinhji II Raisinhji, firstborn of the above, 37th Raj Sahib of Dhrangadhra 1744?45 - death 1782, married 15 wives
  • Jashwantsinhji II Gajsinhji, born 17.. firstborn of the above, 38th Raja 1782 - death 1801; already ruled nominally in opposition in Halwad from 1758
  • Raniji Jijibai Kunverba - 1758 - 1782 female Regent for above (minor?) son Jashwantsinhji II; in opposition in Halwad
  • Raisinhji III Jashwantsinhji, born 1761 son of the above, 39th Raja 1801 - death 1804
  • Amarsinhji II Raisinhji, born 1782 firstborn of the above, 40th Raj Sahib 1804 - death 9 April 1843
  • Ranmalsinhji Amarsinhji (from 24 May 1866, Sir Ranmalsinhji Amarsinhji as K.C.S.I., granted a permanent salute of 11 guns in 1867), born 20 July 1809 as first son of the above, 41st Raj Sahib 9 April 1843 – death 16 October 1869
    • second son Kumar Shri Maheramji Ranmalji (by 3rd wife), received Ganjela as his share of the patrimony, married and had issue.
    • fifth son Kumar Shri Raghunathsinhji Ranmalji (by 1st wife, but 5th son), received the village of Hampur
  • Mansinhji II Ranmalsinhji, born 1837 as son of the above, 42st Raja 16 Oct 1869 - 2 Dec 1900 (from 1 Jan 1877, Sir Mansinhji II Ranmalsinhji), K.C.S.I., was granted a personal salute of 15 guns in 1877, founded the English School (now the High School) and Gujarati schools in principal villages of the State, built the Prince of Wales Hospital at his capital, reorganised the judiciary and established one of the first cotton ginning factories in Saurashtra
  • 2 Dec 1900 - 8 Feb 1911 Ajitsinhji Jashwantsinhji (b. 1872 son the above's eldest son Rajkumar Jaswantsinhji Mansinhji - d. 1911) (from 1 Jan 1909, Sir Ajitsinhji Jashwantsinhji); he built new roads and planted trees in Dhrangadhra town, built many buildings including the Ajitniewas Palace and the Jaswantsinhji Library and made primary and secondary education free in the State.
  • 8 Feb 1911 - 1 Jan 1918 Ganshyamsinhji Ajitsinhji (b. 1889 - d. 1942) (from 1 Jan 1917, Sir Ganshyamsinhji Ajitsinhji)

Maharaja Shri Raj Sahibs of Dhrangadhra[edit]

  • 1 Jan 1918 - 4 Feb 1942 Sir Ganshyamsinhji Ajitsinhji (s.a.)
  • 4 Feb 1942 – 15 August 1947 Mayurdhwajsinhji Meghrajji III (b. 1923 - d. 2010)

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