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Dhull is a gotra of Jats, found in the state of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan in India. It is said that Raja Dahaladhisha, from the lineage of Karna (another brother of Pandavas, who joined Kaurvas and was killed in Mahabharta Battle) later formed Dhilli around Indraprastha and promoted several small villages to form a big city. His descendants still exist with surnames Dhillon, Dhull, Dhill, Dhilwal and Dhaliwal etc. and are popular castes in Jatt clan of Punjab region of India and Pakistan. They are also called Raja Jatts, because of numerous ancestor kings and warriors.[citation needed]


Dhull gotra people are found in following districts:

  • Villages in Sonepat distinct:Bohla And Rasoi
  • Villages in Bhiwani district: Mundhaal, Mundhaal Khurd, Khawa, Tosham(City)
  • Villages in Karnal district: Padha
  • Villages in Jind district: Ikkas, Pokari Kheri, Ramrai, Ramrai Khera,
  • Villages in Kaithal district:Pai, Bhana, Ramana-Ramani, Serdha, Fariyabad, Badsikri Khurd,harsola, sheru kheri,
  • Villages in Rohtak district: Bhagotipur (Bhagwatipur)
  • Villages in Kaithal district: Pai, Bhana, Serdha,Fariyabad
  • Villages in Faridabad district: Faridabad,Sihi Gaon.
  • Village PAI is a biggest village of Dhull Gotra from Jaatland.
  • Villages in Hisar district: