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Ajay Dhumal
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Maratha
Citizenship Indian
Education Bachelors of Commerce and Law
Alma mater

Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce

Government Law College, Mumbai
Occupation Chairman & Managing Director K.P. Group
Net worth Increase N/A
Website www.kppowerindia.com

Ajay Dhumal , is an Indian business magnate, who is the Chairman, and Managing Director of K.P. Group, a conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.[1]

K.P. Group mainly deals in wind energy, solar energy, cyber security, cement manufacturing, infrastructure development, real estate, warehousing, salt manufacturing, and aquaculture activities.[2]

In 2016, Institute of Economic Studies, felicitated him at an event held in Dubai, and the Indian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates awarded him the Udyog Ratan Award. K.P. Power, one of the companies of the K.P. Group received a gold medal at the Indo-UAE Economic Cooperation.[3][4]

K.P. Power also is putting up a 500 MW solar park in Maharashtra.[5][6]

Business career[edit]

During his college days, he started construction of residential buildings in Mumbai in 1982 as a first-generation entrepreneur. In the early 1990s, Ajay Dhumal participated in the Government of Maharashtra encouraged scheme of developing export-oriented aquaculture activity, by acquiring and utilizing thousands of acres of vast saline lands available with the Government of Maharashtra.[7]

Companies under K.P. Group[edit]

  • King Prawns Limited [8]
  • Darshan Impex Pvt. Ltd.[9]
  • K.P. Power Pvt. Ltd.[10][11]
  • West-Coast Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd.[12]
  • Gurukripa Windfarms Developers Pvt. Ltd.[13]
  • Shivam Non-Conventional Energy Pvt. Ltd.[14]
  • Krishna Windfarms Developers Pvt. Ltd.[15]
  • Jaishree Windfarms Developers Pvt. Ltd.[16]
  • K.P. Acqua Pvt. Ltd.[17]
  • Maruti Salt Farm Pvt. Ltd.[18]
  • Devjagan Salt Farm Pvt. Ltd.[19]
  • Precision Solar Power Pvt. Ltd.[20]
  • Paramount Solar Power Pvt. Ltd.[21]
  • Efficient Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.[22]
  • Cyber Security Integrators India Pvt. Ltd.[23]

Awards & Honors[edit]

Year of Award or Honor Name of Award or Honor Awarding Organization
2016 Udyog Ratan Award Institute of Economic Studies

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