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Nagaloka Dhuni at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Costa Rica

A dhuni is (according to the Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.) a sacred site represented as a cleft in the ground. This cleft is emblematic of the yoni or female vulva and generative organ. A dhuni therefore represents a site of worship dedicated to Shakti.

The dhuni (or dhunga) is also a term used in Indian cuisine to describe the process of cooking food by placing smoking charcoal into the finished dish.

Honoring the dhuni[edit]

Sitting by the dhuni is believed to "purify one's vibrations" and to have beneficial impact on physical and mental health.[1][full citation needed]

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  1. ^ A follower of Haidakhan Babaji, Hindu sage Shastriji, said for instance: "In ancient India, the rishis guarded their sacred fire most carefully and kept it clean, as it was believed to be the residence of divinity. Sitting by the dhuni purifies one's vibrations. This you can find out for yourself. Whenever you have any kind of trouble, go to the dhuni and let it give you solace and uplift your spirit." The Teachings of Babaji, 2 August 1983.

2. Kapilnath, Shri. Awakening the Nath Dhuni: Tantric Guidelines for Perfect Pyromania

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