Dhyan network management system

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Dhyan network management system (DNMS) is carrier grade network management system providing generic topology, fault, configuration, performance, and security (FCAPS) functions. It provides the major functions for deploying, monitoring, configuring and managing a network.


Since DNMS is modular, it can be easily customized and extended.[citation needed] DNMS has been deployed to manage different types of networks and network elements whether it is wireless access points, or optical switches or core routers.[citation needed]


DNMS supports a variety of northbound and southbound interfaces.

Northbound interfaces are provided to pass information to other network management and service management systems using JMX, CORBA, SNMP and XML/HTTP protocols.

Southbound interfaces provide two-way access to network elements using any proprietary protocols required by the customer as well as standard protocols, such as SNMP, TL1, XML, CMIP, CORBA and Netflow/IPFIX.


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