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Dhyana Buddha Project in Amaravathi[1]
A view of Dhyana Buddha statue.jpg
Sitting Buddha in dhyana position
LocationAmaravathi, India
Coordinates16°34′44″N 80°21′11″E / 16.5789°N 80.3531°E / 16.5789; 80.3531Coordinates: 16°34′44″N 80°21′11″E / 16.5789°N 80.3531°E / 16.5789; 80.3531
Height125 feet (38 m)
Governing bodyAPTDC
MaterialConcrete, Stone
Dhyana Buddha statue is located in Andhra Pradesh
Dhyana Buddha statue
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India

The Dhyana Buddha statue is a statue of a Buddha in Amaravathi, India.


Mahachaitya Art in Dhyana Buddha Statue

The recorded history of Amaravati and nearby Dharanikota dates to 5th century BCE. It was the capital of Satavahanas who ruled from 3rd century BCE to 3rd century CE who are much favor in Buddhism expanded it. The most important historic monument in Amaravathi town is the Mahachaitya. It is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India which maintains a site museum known as old museum.

Location and Structure[edit]

The Dhyana Buddha statue of 125 ft (38 m) is located at Amaravati.[2] It is situated on the banks of Krishna river in 4.5 acres (1.8 ha) with eight pillars on a Lotus pandal.[3]

Structure and significance[edit]

The statue was commissioned in 2003 and completed in 2015.[4] The statue has a museum in the base underneath it, which consists of sculptures depicting scenes with Buddhist significance, most modern copies of the original reliefs from the Amaravati Mahachaitya stupa which are now in museums around India and the world. The eight pillars signifies path for salvation followed by Buddha, four zones for noble truths and five ayaka pillars for stages of life.[3] APTDC is going to complete the Theme Park in front of the statue which is said to be opened for the public in 2018.[5]

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