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Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 1995
Faye Wong chronology
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Di-Dar is the ninth and last Cantonese album by Hong Kong singer Faye Wong, released in December 1995 through Cinepoly. The album marked a shift from Wong's earlier style as she incorporated British psychedelic rock and ragga into her work, showcasing her evolving alternative musical influences.[1] Di-dar featured compositions by Wong with arrangements by her then-husband Dou Wei, production by Zhang Yadong and lyrics by Lin Xi.[2]

The album was both a critical and commercial success, selling 1.5 million copies across Asia;[1] with its title track "Di-dar" and "Ambiguous" (曖昧) becoming well-known songs.[3] Di-dar peaked at number one in Hong Kong according to the IFPI and Billboard magazine.[4]

Critical reception[edit]

Di-Dar ranked at number 27 in Ming Pao Weekly's list of "40 Classic Cantopop Albums of the Last 40 Years" published in October 2008. Music journalist Fung Lai-Chee described it as "the best psychedelic and best-selling avant-garde work in Cantonese pop, with songs that are self-centred, ignoring market and others' work. Abstruse, obscure and mysterious."

Track listing[edit]

  1. Di-Dar
  2. 假期 (Gaa Kei) – Vacation
  3. 迷路 (Mai Lou) – Stray
  4. 曖昧 (Ngoi Mui) – Ambiguous
  5. 或者 (Waak Ze) – Maybe
  6. 我想 (Ngo Seung) – I Think
  7. 享受 (Hoeng Sau) – Enjoyment
  8. 一半 (Yat Bun) – One Half
  9. 無題 (Mou Tai) – (Untitled)
  10. 流星 (Liu Xing) – Comet


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