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Di Zeitung
די זעלבסשטעדיגע אידישע צייטונג (The Independent Yiddish Newspaper)
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TypeWeekly Newspaper

Di Tzeitung is a Yiddish weekly newspaper published in New York City, founded and edited by Abraham Friedman, an ultra-orthodox, Satmar Hassidic Jew, from Borough Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.

It is published weekly, every Wednesday. It is sold at city standards, especially in the Yiddish speaking parts of Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Borough Park.


Di Tzeitung digitally altered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Director for Counterterrorism for the NSC Audrey Tomason out of Situation Room, the iconic photo showing President Obama and his security team watching the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound on May 2, 2011.

They later apologized for the incident.

The newspaper explained that the editor who made the change had not seen the White House conditions for publication, which stipulated that the photo "may not be manipulated in any way.".[1] The newspaper said it has a "long standing editorial policy" of not publishing women's images. It explained that its readers "believe that women should be appreciated for who they are and what they do, not for what they look like, and the Jewish laws of modesty are an expression of respect for women, not the opposite".[2]

The statement went on to say that while Clinton has served "with great distinction," the newspaper does not publish images of women, as that is not "in accord with our religious beliefs."


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