Di que sí

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Di que sí
Directed by Juan Calvo
Starring Paz Vega
Release date
Running time
104 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Di que sí is a 2004 Spanish film directed by Juan Calvo.


Víctor Martínez (Santi Millán) is a shy 36-year-old man working as an usher at a movie theater. He still lives with his mother (Chus Lampreave). By some mistake, he ends up in a reality show with Estrella Cuevas (Paz Vega), an aspiring actress. They win the contest and are sent off to spend some time together at a luxury hotel at Oropesa del Mar. According to their contract, they have to get married and not divorce for at least three years, otherwise the contract is annulled and they have to give back their winning of EUR 253,000. Although reluctant at first, Victor finally falls in love with Estrella.

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