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Diakonos 0.9.4
Developer(s) Pistos
Stable release
0.9.4 / January 8, 2015; 20 months ago (2015-01-08)
Written in Ruby
Operating system Unix
Type Text editor
License MIT License
Website diakonos.pist0s.ca

Diakonos is a customizable curses-based text editor. It was developed with the intention of being easier to configure and use than Emacs, more powerful than Pico and Nano, and not as cryptic as vi or ex.

Diakonos uses the common Macintosh/Windows keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl-C to copy, Ctrl-V to paste, Ctrl-O to open a file, Ctrl-S to save and so on, instead of the more idiosyncratic key combinations used by many other console-based editors.

Diakonos is written in Ruby, and hence needs Ruby installed.


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