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The Diamond Exchange District

The Diamond Exchange District (in Israel called "Bursa") is a diamond district in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan. Bordering the Ayalon Highway, the road dividing Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv, the district is home to Israel's diamond industry as well as being a major commercial center.

View of the Diamond Exchange District from the helipad of Azrieli towers.

The Israel Diamond Exchange district contains four buildings connected by bridges; the Maccabi Tower, Shimshon Tower, Noam Tower, and Diamond Tower which contains the world's largest diamond trading floor and is the head-building of the Diamond Exchange. Also in the district are a number of other buildings of importance. The Moshe Aviv Tower is Israel's second tallest building at 235 meters. The Sheraton City Tower is a hotel in the district, whilst other notable buildings are the Ayalon Tower and Gibor Sport House.

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum displays models of world-famous diamonds, including the Kōh-i Nūr Diamond currently set in the crown of the Queen of England and the diamond given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton on her 40th birthday, and items such as an hourglass with "sand" made of diamonds, a diamond-set tennis ball and Biblically inspired brooches incorporating diamonds.[1]


Moshe Aviv Tower[edit]

The Moshe Aviv Tower, also known as City Gate, is the tallest building in Israel.

Leonardo City Tower[edit]

Leonardo City Tower is the tallest hotel in Israel. It was the tallest building in Ramat Gan from its construction in 2000, until 2001, when it was surpassed by the Moshe Aviv Tower.

Diamond Tower[edit]

The Diamond Tower containing the world's largest diamond trading hall, accommodating up to 1,000 people. At 115 meters over 32 floors, the tower was the tallest building in Ramat Gan from 1989 until 2000, when it was surpassed by the Sheraton City Tower.

Ayalon Tower[edit]

The Ayalon Tower is used for office purposes as of the May 10, 2009. It is 132 meters high, excluding its decorative spire, making it the third tallest building in Ramat Gan. It has 35 floors and covers 4,000 square meters.[2]

Gibor Sport House[edit]

The Gibor Sport House is 114 meters in height, has 29 floors and was completed in April 2000. The building was designed by AMAV Architects, the architects of the Moshe Aviv Tower. As such, it has many similarities in terms of its design, with many likening it to a scaled down version due to its similar shape and materials. The tower's car park connects to the parking areas of both its neighbours; Sheraton City Tower to the south and the Ayalon Tower to the north.

BDB Tower[edit]

BDB Tower

The BDB Tower was home to financial company, Banc De Binary until 2017.[3] The building was designed by Gwircman E. Architects Ltd. and completed in 1988. It is situated on 38 Tuval Street, Ramat Gan. Its unusual modernism architectural design and use of concrete materials makes it one of the more noticeable buildings in the Exchange District. It has 10 floors and covers 3,000 square meters.[4][5]

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