Diamond Safari (1958 film)

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Diamond Safari
Original film poster
Directed by Gerald Mayer
Produced by Gerald Mayer
Written by Larry Marcus
Starring Kevin McCarthy
Music by Woolf Phillips
Regal Films Inc
Schlesinger Film Organisation
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
Running time
67 minutes
Country USA
South Africa
Language English

Diamond Safari is a 1958 American crime film directed by Gerald Mayer and starring Kevin McCarthy, Betty McDowall and André Morell.[1] Its plot involves an American who battles diamond smugglers in Africa. [2][3]

Filmed in South Africa in 1955, the film features the first (and only) two 30-minute episodes of a television series called African Drumbeat.[4][5]



African Drumbeat was a TV series produced by Gerard Mayer for Edward Dukoff, personal manager of Danny Kaye.[6] It was done in partnership with the Schlesinger Organization of South Africa and Great Britain.[7]

Larry Marcus wrote three scripts for the series which focused on Harry Jordan, an American soldier of fortune in South Africa. Kevin McCarthy was cast in this role. Filming began in South Africa in 1 July 1955.[8][9]

There was location filming in Krueger National Park.[10] Filming was completed by October 1955.[11][12]

No TV series resulted. The episodes were cut together and released as a feature film.


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