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Verizon Delaware LLC
Formerly called
The Diamond State Telephone Company
Bell Atlantic - Delaware, Inc.
Holding of Verizon
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1897
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA, United States (shared with Bell of PA)
Area served
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent American Bell (1897-1899)
AT&T (1899-1983)
Bell Atlantic/Verizon (1984-present)
Website Verizon Delaware

Verizon Delaware LLC, formerly The Diamond State Telephone Company, is the Bell Operating Company of Delaware, and small parts of southeastern Pennsylvania. Founded in 1897, it became a part of the Bell System in 1905. When the AT&T breakup occurred in 1984, DST became managed by the Regional Bell Operating Company Bell Atlantic. In 1994, Bell Atlantic chose to "unify" its brand by legally renaming all of its telephone companies — including Diamond State Telephone to "Bell Atlantic – Delaware, Inc".

Diamond State Telephone logo, 1984-1997

After the 2000 merger with GTE, Bell Atlantic – Delaware, Inc. became known as Verizon Delaware, Inc., and later as Verizon Delaware LLC.