Diana Holman-Hunt

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Diana Holman-Hunt (25 October 1913 – 10 August 1993) was an English memoir writer and art critic.

Holman-Hunt was the granddaughter of painter William Holman Hunt, a founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. Her first marriage was to Villiers A'Court (Bill) Bergne, and her second to David Cuthbert. Her son Paul Bergne was a leading British expert on Central Asia. Her published books were:

  • My Grandmothers and I (1960) - her unusual childhood with two eccentric grandmothers, both highly stationed in British society.
  • My Grandfather, His Life and Loves (1969) - her grandfather William Holman Hunt.
  • Latin Among Lions (1974) - the Chilean painter Álvaro Guevara.