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Diana Luke
Diana Luke.jpg
Diana Luke live on air
Born 15 July
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Show Diana Luke Loves The 60s
Station(s) BBC Radio Sheffield
Time slot Sunday: 21:00 – 01:00
Station(s) BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Humberside
Country United Kingdom

Diana Luke is a Canadian-born radio presenter and hypnotherapist who grew up in Toronto, Ontario and works in the UK.

She presents a regular syndicated show which is broadcast simultaneously on several BBC regional radio stations Sheffield, Leeds, York and Humberside on a Sunday night between 9pm & 1am. Some listeners have criticised this move which cuts jobs and means less local output from the BBC.



Luke has worked for many radio stations across the country. Her radio career started on Viking Radio in Kingston-upon-Hull in 1987, where she was their first female presenter. She also presented a weekend show on the Yorkshire Radio Network. After leaving YRN, Diana went to County Sound in Surrey as the mid-morning presenter, and later as one of the original presenters on the ill-fated overnight service The Superstation.

Diana Luke was the breakfast presenter and first voice heard on London's 102.2 Jazz FM opening day, on Sunday 4 March 1990.[1]

As of 2016, she presents a regular show on BBC Radio Sheffield, Leeds, York and Humberside on a Sunday between 9pm & 1am. The last hour changes to a pre-recording to The Luke of Love until 1am. Diana is a regular freelance presenter for BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Sheffield.

Clinical Therapist[edit]

Luke is a professionally qualified clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and health and fitness advisor, and is a member of the National Register of Hypno-Psychotherapists. She also specialises in Mindfulness Workshops for business, education and media sections.

Private life[edit]

Diana Luke is the mother of four adult children and has eight grandchildren to date.


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