Diana Starkova

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Diana Starkova
Diana Starkova with helmet.jpg
Diana Starkova
Born Diana Starkova
Citizenship French
Occupation Supermodel, beauty pageant titleholder, an auto racer driver
Website Site of Diana Starkova
Modeling information
Height 177 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Green
Manager Elite Model Management

Diana Starkova is a fashion model,[1] beauty queen,[2] and auto racing driver who won Miss Europe 2016 and Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 titles.[3] She is also an occasional film actress.[4][5][6] Diana is a student of Paris-Sorbonne University.[7]

Starkova was born in Ukraine. She recently acquired French citizenship and based in Paris, France. She was finalist and winner of numerous national and international modeling and beauty contests.[8][9][10] She is former Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Winner. Diana's career started from Elite Model Look contest.[11] She was discovered by John Casablancas.


Ukrainian supermodel and beauty queen Diana Starkova, 2015

Diana has appeared in advertisements for numerous brands such as Dolce Gabbana, Schwarzkopf, L'Oreal, Guerlain, Mikimoto, Payot, Beauty Palace Institute etc.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] She had been featured in many fashion magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Votre Beaute, Shape, ELLE and worked with such photographers as Mario Testino and Steven Meisel.[20] Starkova is represented by Elite Model Management. She walked many shows for ready-to-wear and haute couture, combined during the Milan, and Paris Fashion Week. But only several main contracts in UAE made her one of the richest top models on the East with income 2.8 million dollars.[21]

Beauty pageantry[edit]

Miss Ukraine 2007[edit]

Diana Starkova crowned Miss Ukraine by Steven Seagal

Her early activity while beauty pageant led to a victory in Miss Ukraine beauty pageant, where she had been crowned by actor Steven Seagal.[22][23][24] Diana got the title, cash prize, crown, trip to Seychelles and chance to represent Ukraine in "Miss Intercontinental Pageant 2007",[25][26] where she placed 6th.[27][28][29]

Miss Intercontinental 2007 pageant[edit]

She got the highest scores from the judges Alessandra Alores, Dr.Yasar Sarigul and Serpil Keskiner, but lacked the scores from Dietmar Koegerl to take it all.[30][31][32]

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 pageant[edit]

Diana Starkova won Best Evening Gown of Miss Asia Pacific World 2011

Currently Diana joined Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 in South Korea.[33] On October 15 she wore the most expensive evening gown in Ukrainian pageant history for the final of "Miss Asia Pacific World 2011".[34] The dress made with crystals Swarovski and repeats the logo of "Miss Asia Pacific World" pageant.[35] On October 11 Diana won Traditional Costume Award in Daegu.[36] On October 15 she received Best Evening Gown Award during the final show of Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 in Busan.[37] Diana also entered top-19 and top-7 and finished as Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Runner-up.[38][39] Diana brought for Ukraine three awards: trophy for Best Traditional Costume, trophy and sash for Best Evening Gown Award and trophy, sash and tiara for Runner-up placement.[40] As Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Runner-up Diana Starkova stayed one month longer in Korea together with the winner Florima Treiber from France for the activities due to their winners contracts.[41]

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Runner-up[edit]

Miss Asia Pacific World Diana Starkova during her official visit to hospital in Seoul, South Korea in October, 2014

On November 13 Diana finished her activities in South Korea and left to Moscow for next obligations.[42]

During the first weeks of reign as Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Runner-up Diana visited hospitals in Seoul, did a photoshooting for Nino Celine jeans brand, campaigne for Dr.Belter Cosmetic, commercial video for Ra Beauty Core, joined a photoshootings and signed a contract with one of the leading entertainment companies in Asia SidusHQ, gave interviews to Seoul Broadcasting System channel, KBS World TV channel, visited Busan city for the various activities etc.[43][44] In November Diana did a photoshooting for Jinju Sang Dan Hanbok company in Seoul. She received luxury Korean traditional dress.[43]

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Queen[edit]

Diana Starkova crowned as new Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 after dethronement of Florima Treiber

On May 9, 2012 Diana Starkova became a new Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Queen, she replaced dethroned winner Florima Treiber from France. On May 12 Starkova was officially crowned by new crown from Italy. She joined the official photoshoots, charity programs and went to Cannes Film Festival. On June 16 Diana crowned her successor in South Korea. As Miss Asia Pacific World contest entered last year the grandslam beauty pageants along with Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss World, Miss International and Miss USA,[45] Diana's victory is the first grandslam crown for Ukraine ever.[46][47] Miss Asia Pacific World pageant conсept is to produce Super Stars. In 2012 Diana joined two film projects of Ukrainian film director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy.

Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Host[edit]

On June 16, 2012 Starkova was a host of Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 final at Convention Diamant in Seoul, South Korea. She was a show presenter in English together with John Nite, showman and singer from the Philippines.[48] [49]

Miss France[edit]

Early December 2015 Diana Starkova was appointed to represent France at Miss Europe 2016 competition.

Miss Europe 2016[edit]

Diana Starkova won Miss Europe 2016 title representing France. She was crowned with tiara signed by Chopard which is set with 678 diamonds mounted on 130 grams of gold. The centrepiece is a rare dark heart-shaped 26.40 carat diamond in white gold. Crown estimated at 350,000 EUR and previously worn by Miss Europe winners since 2003. With the title Starkova received a contract of 2 500 000 EUR and professional representation by the Miss Europe Organization, tiara with 678 diamonds mounted on 130 grams of gold signed by Chopard and estimated 350 000 EUR, diamond jewelry set matching to the crown and watch by Chopard, 650 000 EUR cash prize, one-year supply of haircare products and tools from Kerastase Haircare, a shoe wardrobe from Christian Louboutin, swimwear by La Perla, extensive travel representing sponsors, private jet transportation for one year, evening gown wardrobe by Lebanese designer Elie Saab, a year's worth of skincare products from La Prairie Skincare. [50][51]


The Ideal Beauty Award 2011[edit]

Diana was chosen as one of the 8 delegates from 54 contestants[52] of Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 competition for The Ideal Beauty Award 2011[53] and listed in "The Ideal Beauty 2011 - TOP 100". The founder of theidealbeauty selects the top 100 contestants from grandslam pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Asia Pacific World. On October 18, 2011 Diana won 2nd runner-up title "People's Sweetheart - Asia Pacific World" with 338 votes.[54]

Fresh Female Face of the year 2011[edit]

On January 2, 2012 Diana was chosen from 400 + candidates who took part in any local or international pageants by the panel of judges/beauty experts to the Top 50 of Fresh Female Face of the Year 2011.[55] The basis for this competition is the overall facial beauty of the nominees. Diana made into the Top 20[56] and Top 10[57] of this Award. On January 21 Diana Starkova placed 5th of "Fresh Female Face of the year 2011" by www.beautymania.biz. The Winner of this Award became Jessica Barboza - Miss International 2011 1st Runner-up, 2nd Place got Maria Fernanda Cornejo - Miss International 2011 Winner, 3rd placed Leila Lopes - Miss Universe 2011 Winner, 4th became Nicole Huber Miss World 2011 and Miss Earth 2011 semifinalist and 5th is Diana Starkova Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 Runner-up [58]

Top-10 Most Beautiful Women in the World[edit]

Diana is leading the list of Top-10 Most Beautiful Women in the World by portal KizlarSoruyour.[59]


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