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Diana Yukawa (ダイアナ湯川)
Violinist and Songwriter Backstage at Dubai 2012 New Year Concert.JPG
Diana Yukawa
Background information
Born (1985-09-16) 16 September 1985 (age 31)
Tokyo, Japan
Genres Modern, electronic, classical/crossover
Occupation(s) Violinist & Composer
Instruments Violin
Years active 15+
Labels Sony Music, Longbody Music
Website www.dianayukawa.com

Diana Yukawa (ダイアナ湯川, Daiana Yukawa) is a Japanese-born British solo violinist and composer. She has released four solo albums and one digital EP.

Early life[edit]

Yukawa was born in Tokyo, Japan, to English ballet dancer Susanne Bayly and Japanese banker Akihisa Yukawa one month after her father died in the 1985 Japan Airlines Flight 123 disaster.[1][2][3][4] Yukawa has lived in the United Kingdom since she was 2 months old and began learning violin when she was 5 years old.[2][5]

Because Diana was born after her father's death, his name was excluded from her British birth certificate until the High Court of England in March 2000 ruled that, under the laws of England and Wales, Diana and her sister were also in the eyes of the law Akihisa's offspring.[2] The certificate was amended to include the name in June 2009.[6]


Yukawa has performed solo at many prestigious venues including The Royal Albert Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Wilderness Festival, Latitude Festival, St James Piccadilly, Cadogan Hall, the Khalifa Stadium[7] in Qatar, and at the 2012 New Year concert at Burj in Dubai.[8] she has supported Katherine Jenkins at Cheltenham Racecourse,[9] the Tivoli Festival,[10] the Place Des Arts in Montreal for Vincero.[11] opened a new music event, Jam Dubai,[12] headlined at Kenwood House Picnic Concerts on 7 August,[13] performed music from Halo at the Video Game Awards 2010,[14] and opened the FINA world swimming championship in Dubai.[15]

Yukawa has collaborated with other musicians[16] including Nitin Sawhney, Jeff Beck, Paul Oakenfold, Japanese group Deen, Craig Armstrong and features as a special guest for various PBS shows.[17]

Yukawa played during a memorial service for the Japan Airlines Flight 123 victims, including her father, on 12 August 2009.

In January 2015 it was announced that Yukawa will be releasing a new album Codex under the name of Ghost Harmonic in collaboration with electronic artists John Foxx and Benge. The album is scheduled for release on 11 May 2015.[18]

Yukawa's latest release is that of Spaces Between Shadows which was released on 28 February 2016 as a limited edition CD and digitally on 4 March 2016.



Album No. 1 Information
Elegy AKA La Campanella
  • Released – September 2000 in Japan & 2001 in UK
  • Album Chart Positions:-#1 Japan
Album No. 2 Information
  • Released – August 2001 in Japan
  • Album Chart Positions
Album No. 3 Information
The Butterfly Effect
  • Released – October 2009 starting in Japan
  • Album Chart Positions:- TBC
Album No. 4 Information
Finding the Parallel EP
  • Released – March 2013 Worldwide (except Japan)
  • Album Chart Positions:- TBC
Album No. 5 Information
Spaces Between Shadows
  • Released – February 2016 Worldwide
  • Album Chart Positions:- TBC


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