Diane Arkenstone

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Diane Arkenstone
Genres New-age, world, folk
Occupation(s) Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist
Instruments Guitar, keyboard, wood flutes, xylophone, synthesizers, dulcimer, percussion
Labels Neo Pacifica Recordings
Associated acts Ah Nee Mah, Earth Trybe, Enaid, Adventure Cargo, Marquis Ensemble, Middle Earth Orchestra, David Arkenstone
Website dianearkenstone.com

Diane Arkenstone is a multi-genre musician.


Arkenstone wrote her first song at the age of three and started playing guitar at the age of seven.[1] She is trained as an opera singer. In her early career, she co-formed the duo Enaid & Einalem with a friend named Melanie.[2]

Arkenstone's album Jewel in the Sun debuted at number 16 on Billboard's New Age charts when it was released in 2002, highest position was number 11.[1] In 2005, The Best of Diane Arkenstone was ranked #1 on Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 Airplay Chart, out of 2800 recordings reported that year.[3][4]

In her career, she has done work on more than 45 albums[5] and played various instruments such as guitar, keyboard,[6] wood flutes,[7] dulcimer, synthesizers and percussion.[8]

Arkenstone created her own record label called Neo Pacifica Recordings. In addition to releasing her own music on the label, she included other bands such as Earth Trybe, Enaid, and the Marquis Ensemble.[9]

Her album Union Road was released in March 2013.[10]


Diane Arkenstone[edit]

Album Release date Label
Celtic Passage 2000 Blue Line Music
Healing: Mind, Body, Spirit (The Wellness Series) 2000 NorthSound Music
The Healing Spirit 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Aquaria: A Liquid Blue Trancescape 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Jewel in the Sun 2002 Neo Pacifica Recordings
The Best of Diane Arkenstone 2005 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Stories 2005 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Christmas Healing, Vol. 1 2006 Neo Pacifica Recordings / Prima Vista Records
Christmas Healing, Vol. 2 2006 Neo Pacifica Recordings / Prima Vista Records
Christmas Healing, Vol. 3 2006 Neo Pacifica Recordings / Prima Vista Records
This Sacred Land 2009 Neo Pacifica Recordings
The Best of David and Diane Arkenstone 2010 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Union Road 2013 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Soul Nektar 2014 Neo Pacifica Recordings
A Beautiful Christmas 2014 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Sacred Nation 2014 Neo Pacifica Recordings

She has also worked with David Arkenstone on the albums Music Inspired by Middle Earth, The Celtic Book of Days and the album Trance World from Earth Trybe. With Misha Segal and Peter Hume she worked on the 3-CD collaboration Christmas Healing.

Enaid & Einalem[edit]

Album Release date Label
Celtic Nights 1996 NorthSound Music
Celtic Christmas 1996 NorthSound Music
Celtic Romance 1998 NorthSound Music
Highland Christmas 1998 NorthSound Music
Celtic Yuletide 1998 NorthSound Music
Celtic Holiday 1999 NorthSound Music
Celtic Moon 2000 NorthSound Music
Celtic Journey 2000 NorthSound Music

Adventure Cargo[edit]

Album Release date Label
African Skies 2003 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Spirits of the Rainforest 2003 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Echoes of Egypt 2004 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Following the Equator 2006 Neo Pacifica Recordings

Ah Nee Mah[edit]

Album Release date Label
The Spirit Of Mesa Verde 2000 Neo Pacifica Recordings
The Spirit Of The Southwest 2000 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Ancient Voices 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Spirit Of The Canyon 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
The Grand Circle 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Ancient Visions 2005 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Native Spirit 2009 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Native Visions 2013 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Sacred Nation 2014 Neo Pacifica Recordings

Earth Trybe[edit]

Album Release date Label
Trance World 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings
Rhythm of the Earth 2002 Neo Pacifica Recordings


Album Release date Label
Avalon: A Celtic Legend 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings

The Marquis Ensemble[edit]

Album Release date Label
Reflections of the Wine Country 2001 Neo Pacifica Recordings

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