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Diane Gilman is an American clothing designer and shopping channel television personality on HSN,[1] where she is known as the "Jean Queen".[2][3] May 2014 marked her 20th anniversary on the retail network, where she built her $150 million jeans empire.[2][4] She is the number one selling fashion brand on HSN,[3] and also appears regularly on TSC, QVCItaly, and QVCuk.[5][6]

She began specializing in jeans after noticing the denim industry's void in catering to baby boomer women like herself.[7][8][9] Since then, she has expanded her offerings to a highly successful line of tops and separates[10]

In 2013, Diane authored a book called Good Jeans: 10 Simple Truths about Feeling Great, Staying Sexy, & Aging Agelessly. While her book is largely biographical in nature, she uses her story to encourage and inspire women to go after their dreams and regain a greater sense of self-entitlement that may have been withered by societal expectations and pressures placed upon women past a certain age.[11][12][13]

She was interviewed by Cathy Horyn of The New York Times and CBS This Morning.[14][15] She also regularly blogs for The Huffington Post.[16] Diane has received multiple awards for her success in the fashion industry, as well as for her inspirational voice.[3][17][18][19][20]


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