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OriginChicago, Illinois, USA
GenresIndie rock
Years active1995–present
LabelsSouthern Records
MembersKip McCabe
Jay Ryan
Jason Harvey
Past membersStephanie Morris

Dianogah (pronounced Dye-ah-NO-gah) is a Chicago, Illinois based indie rock outfit formed in 1995, noted for their use of two bass guitars. Members include Kip McCabe, Jay Ryan (ex- Hubcap) and Jason Harvey. Dianogah's first full-length album, As Seen From Above, was recorded by Steve Albini, who also produced their second full-length album, Battle Champions, which was released on May 29, 2000. Dianogah named their band after the garbage compactor monster (the Dianoga) in the 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The group was one of about half-dozen performers that contributed to the soundtrack for 1998's Reach the Rock, a film directed by William Ryan and whose script was written by acclaimed director John Hughes. Producer John McEntire (of The Sea and Cake and Tortoise) was at the helm for the recording of the soundtrack, and would later on go on to work with the band on their third full-length album Millions of Brazilians. This record, released on April 16, 2002, also featured Rachel Grimes (of Rachel's) and John Upchurch of The Coctails.

On January 15, 2000, the band joined M.O.T.O to serve as opening acts for the final show at the Lounge Ax, an event which had The Coctails reunite briefly to perform as headliners.

Between 2000 and 2007, the band would tour Europe three times (in 2000, 2002, and 2004), and play around the midwest and east coast. In 2007, the band returned to the studio with producer John McEntire to record their fourth full album, Qhnnnl.

In 2008, the band would release Qhnnnl and had Stephanie Morris sing on some of the recorded tracks. She'd play keyboard and guitar live with band as well on their 2008 east coast summer tour, as well as a fall 2008 trip to Europe, and a spring 2009 trip to England for the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival.

On June 1, 2009, Stephanie Morris died suddenly. In a statement on the band's web page, Morris had become an "integral part of our group, both musically and socially. Stephanie's passing took us all by surprise and has left a giant hole in the lives of many, especially her husband Nathan and her family." The band mentioned in the same note, they'd play a scheduled Pitchfork Music Fest set in July 2009 in her honor, but beyond that the band reported they were not sure what the future would hold for them. Dianogah performed at the 2014 PRF BBQ in Chicago.

The band did play two shows in 2017. Both were in their hometown of Chicago.




  • "100% Tree" (Actionboy / 1995)
  • "Garden Airplane Trap" (Actionboy / 1995)
  • "Old Material New Format" CD/EP (originally released on Actionboy, reissued on My Pal God / 1996)
  • "Dianogah"/"Log Letters" Split 7 (Hi-Ball / 1998)
  • "Team Dianogah 2 Swedish" (Red Blue Yellow / 1998)
  • "Hannibal"/"A Bear Explains" (Southern Records / 2001)

Compilations & soundtracks[edit]

  • What Is Your Landmass? Ground Rule Double compilation CD,2xLP (Actionboy /Divot / 1995)
  • Strongdar V/A Zum No. 2 comp (Zum / 1998)
  • Bad Houses/Lone Tree Point V/A My Ohio Action Pal, Boy Gold God 300 (My Pal God, Actionboy, OhioGold / 1998)
  • Dreams of Being King V/A Reach The Rock soundtrack (Hefty / 1999)
  • Good One Buck V/A When the cat returns, the mice are fucked (Southern / 2005)

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