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Diario (magazine).jpg
Categories News magazine
Frequency weekly, fortnightly , monthly
First issue 23 October 1996
Final issue December 2009
Company Editoriale Diario Srl
Country Italy
Based in Via Melzo, Milan
Language Italian
Website https://web.archive.org/web/20100325013510/http://www.diario.it:80/

Diario, also known as Diario della Settimana, was an Italian news magazine published between 1996 and 2009 in Milan, Italy.

History and profile[edit]

Diario was first published on 23 October 1996[1] as a weekly linked to the daily newspaper l'Unità.[2] Enrico Deaglio, Luca Formenton and Amato Mattia were the founders of the magazine. On 8 September 2008 Massimo Rebotti, previously of Radio Popolare, became the editor-in-chief.[2]

Diario provided news stories based on investigative journalism.[1] Enzo Baldon, an Italian journalist working for the magazine was killed in Iraq in August 2004.[1]

In 1997 the magazine became independent of l’Unità and on Friday 7 September, after 567 issues, it became a fortnightly: a state of affairs which lasted for 28 issues and until 6 March 2009. From the issue of 3 April 2009, Diario became a monthly, with each issue being devoted to a particular subject. The magazine ceased print publication after the issue of December 2009.[3]

The periodical achieved great successes with monographic issues such as ‘Memoria’ and ‘Berlusconeide’; in 2006 and 2007 it was at the centre of large-scale polemics which resulted from its investigations into the alleged rigging of the 2006 elections. On 5 December 2002 Diario, along with the Serbian daily Danas, received in Paris the Prix de Le Guide de la Presse.[4]

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