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Telefe Noticias is an Argentine TV news program. It is aired by Telefe since 1989. Now, it is the most-watched newscast every evening, surpassing Channel 13´s Telenoche.


Telefe has a trusted and respected news service during the first half of the 1990s, but after 1995, was often criticised by the sensational style adopted by its then news director Horacio Larrosa (former Channel 9 news director and inventor of Nuevediario). In 1999, hundreds of workers were sacked, closing Red de Noticias (Telefe´s cable news channel) and the 7:00PM edition was canceled, limiting the news to the midday report. Since 2002, the newscast suffered important modifications, such as graphics, new presenters (newsreaders Cristina Pérez and Rodolfo Barili), reinstation of the evening edition and a new editorial line, who made the newscast a recover of credibility. In November 2006, began broadcasting its editions on a new built newsroom, and slowly returned to the tabloid style of the 1990s. In 2008, the 7:00PM hour-long edition was moved at 8:00PM, trying to compete with the Channel 13´s main edition. In 2011, premiered a new morning newscast, named "Baires Directo", first carried at 7:00AM and moved at 8:00AM from mid-2012. Since 2013, all the editions are in HD.



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