Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel
Wimpy Kid 7 Art.jpg
AuthorJeff Kinney
IllustratorJeff Kinney
CountryUnited States
SeriesDiary of a Wimpy Kid
GenreChild, Young Adult
PublisherAmulet Books
Publication date
November 13, 2012
Media typePrint (paperback, hardcover)
Preceded byCabin Fever 
Followed byHard Luck 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel is a 2012 bestselling children's novel and the seventh book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, written by American author Jeff Kinney.[1] Kinney announced the book in March 2012, with The Third Wheel's cover revealed in May 2012.[2] The book was released on November 13, 2012.[3][4]


Greg recalls several anecdotes from the time of his conception to his preschool years, notable ones include how his mother read to him before bed, how his parents’ excessive kissing supposedly led to his premature birth, and his difficulties in learning how to walk. After talking about what his life was like from before he was born to his preschool years, Greg explains some of the new parenting methods his mother has tried on Manny and how Manny has been affected by those methods, which differ from those of Greg’s.

After comparing his childhood to that of Manny’s, Greg decides to do chores when his Uncle Gary shows up at the front door. Uncle Gary explains how he was tricked into a “business opportunity of a lifetime” and needs a place to stay while getting back up onto his feet. He moves in before Greg’s father can object to the proposition.

As Uncle Gary has difficulties adjusting to life at Greg’s home the school prepares for a new student council election Greg signs Rowley up to be a member because he didn’t have any detentions. Greg was desperate to get Rowley to be a part of the student council goes through a lot of stuff but it turned out to be useless because Rowley was the only one who signed up to be socal chairperson. The student council decides on the next school fund raiser they decide that they should do a mixed motercross and wrestling event but that turned into a valentine's dance because the school didn’t like the idea of motorized vehicles in the gym and Greg decides to attend.

Then, Abigail Brown, who is alone after her boyfriend, Michael Sampson, had a family obligation. Greg asks Rowley to ask Abigail to go with them as a group of friends; she agrees. Greg's idea is to use Rowley to get him a girlfriend, so he can go on a date with her.

At the dance, their night is ruined when senior citizens overrun their dance, claiming they reserved the dance area first, but they compromise things that ruin the theme, such as lights, no more music and a partition severing half the gym. Michael Sampson even arrives with Cherie Bellanger. Michael was supposed to go with Abigail, and he may have lied, and neither Abigail nor Michael probably expected each other to be at the dance. Finally, while dancing with Abigail, Greg spots what looks like chicken pox marks on her face. It only turns out she had pimples when she was crying over Michael, but Greg panics, leaving Abigail crying and Rowley comforting her.

The book ends with Uncle Gary winning $40,000 and paying Dad with the money, and moves out of the house. Rowley and Abigail are dating, and Greg gets the chicken pox. Greg is finally able to take baths and be by himself in the bathroom, but he now starts to think if he is really alone, when a fresh towel near the tub disappears.


Critical and reader reception for The Third Wheel was positive, with the San Angelo Standard-Times calling the book "masterful."[5]


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