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Diaspora is a "Hard" Sci-fi role-playing game based on the FATE engine from Evil Hat Productions.


VSCA Publishing in Canada released the first edition of the science-fiction game, Diaspora in 2009.[1]: 426  The game used the third-edition of FATE.[1]: 321  Diaspora was one of the FATE games to include a method to collaboratively create a campaign among the players, and gave extensive rules for collaborative creation of worlds in space.[1]: 329  Fred Hicks noted that Diaspora was one of his favorites, and got it into wider distribution by reprinting it through Evil Hat Productions in 2010.[1]: 426 


M Harold Page reviewed Eternal Lies for Black Gate, and stated that "Buy Diaspora if you want to enjoy exploring a Hard Science Fiction universe and don't have much patience for fat rule books and fiddly minutiae."[2]

Diaspora won the 2010 Gold ENnie Award for "Best Rules".[3]


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