Dice (rapper)

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Birth name Robert Boyd
Also known as Dice, Monkey Joe
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Rapping
Years active 1992–present
  • Fallen Angelz
  • Big Head
  • Reel Life
  • Raw Dogg
  • Self Medicated
  • D Legend Mgt.
Associated acts
Website www.fallenangelzent.com

Dice (born Robert Boyd) is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan.


Dice began his career in 1992, signing with World One Records, who released his debut album, The 40 Made Me Do It through Raw Dogg Records.[1][2] After touring with Ultramagnetic MCs, Ice Cube and Da Lench Mob, Dice began his association with Reel Life Productions,[2][3] although he did not sign a contract with the label.[1] Following appearances on Natas' Doubelievengod and Mastamind's EP Lickkuidrano,[4] Dice released the album The Neighborhoodshittalka on Reel Life in 1996.[5] Dice estimated that the album sold 200,000 copies, and claims to have received no royalties from the album.[1]

Dice left Reel Life in 1996.[1] After signing with another label, Dice formed Fallen Angelz entertainment with Russell Colvin[6][7] and released the album Black Monday. Fallen Angelz recorded new material to complete the album.[7] After recording another album, Red Rain, with Fallen Angelz, Dice claimed that Colvin took his name off the Fallen Angelz ownership papers and didn't fairly compensate him for his services,i gave dice 10,000 advance and he was broke 2 months later.[7] Colvin claims that Dice agreed to put up $30,000 to bankroll the label, but never came up with his half to become part owner of the label.[7] In 2003, Dice formed his own label, Big Head Records and released the mixtape Drug Abuse.[1][2] In 2013 he started a new label called Self Medicated Records which went into a joint venture with producer, record executive Ralpheal "Bigg Reez" Dixon to released his latest album, Morfein.[8] As of 2011, Colvin still alleges that Dice is still legally contracted to Fallen Angelz ent. [9]



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