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The dice bob was a hairstyle that first started at Dimaggio's Hair Studio in New York's Tribeca district in the early 1980s. It was primarily popular among lesbians at the time.

A variant of the classic bob, the dice bob was said to be "6-sided", in that the hair would be shaped with various flat planes.

Hats were often worn to accentuate the style; however, only light hats could be worn to ensure the style was not damaged. If worn with hats, the style would often require a lot of hair spray to remain in shape.

Lesbians at the time were moving towards male hairstyles, with butch fashion. The dice bob was a way for lesbians to remain feminine but still belong to a subculture.

It was considered fashionable at the time to go to dice bob parties and clubs where a dice bob style was required for entry. CBGBs, the classic club, often had Dice Bob nights in the early 1980s.

As attitudes became more moderate, many lesbians felt it was no longer necessary to belong to a subculture and felt that this further differentiated them from non-lesbians, so the style waned in the late 1980s. A resurgence was felt in the early 2000s however.