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James Ernest

Toivo Rovainen
Publisher(s) Cheapass Games
Players 2-5
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 20 minutes

Diceland is a tabletop game played with collectible sets of dice designed by Toivo Rovainen and James Ernest and released in 2002 by Cheapass Games.[1] Players roll paper cut-out octahedral dice into a combat arena.[2] The dice are then used in the same way as miniatures - they can be moved around the arena and attack other dice.[1]

The original Diceland set was Diceland: Deep White Sea, released in 2002.[1] It was followed in 2003 by four more sets: Diceland: Ogre,[3][4] Diceland: Space[5][6] (two sets, Terrans vs. Urluquai and Garthans vs. Muktians), and Diceland: Extra Space, and in 2005 with Diceland: Cyburg and Diceland: Dragons. There is also a set of Button Men using characters from the Deep White Sea setting. In addition to all of these sets, there are three regular-sized and one oversized promotional dice; the 2005 summer promo die features characters from the webcomic Penny Arcade.


Diceland won the 2002 Origins Vanguard Award.[7]


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