Dick Barton Strikes Back

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Dick Barton Strikes Back
Directed by Godfrey Grayson
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Mae Murray
Starring Don Stannard
Sebastian Cabot
Distributed by Exclusive Films
Release date
Running time
73 minutes
Country UK
Language English

Dick Barton Strikes Back is a 1949 British film about special agent Dick Barton. It was the third of three films that Hammer Film Productions made about the agent, although it was the second released.


Captain Richard 'Dick' Barton and his associate; Snowey White, uncover a spyring of international psychopathic criminals with plans to dominate Great Britain, if not, the world, using a terrifying weapon of mass destruction...


The film's title during production was Dick Barton and the Silent Plague.[1]


Dick Barton Strikes Back currently holds an average three star rating (6.1/10) on IMDb.


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