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Richard Towne Sutcliffe (April 18, 1918 – May 11, 2008) was an American animator and one of the creators of the 1960s stop motion religious animated series, Davey and Goliath. [1]

Town was born on April 18, 1918, in Columbia, Pennsylvania.[1] However, he grew up in Taneytown, Maryland. His father, Rev. Alfred Towne Sutcliffe, was a Lutheran minister.[1] He began his career as a journalist and photographer in Roanoke, Virginia.[1]

Sutcliffe developed Davey and Goliath with Gumby creators Art Clokey and Ruth Clokey Goodell.[1] The show was aimed spreading simple religious messages and morals to young television viewers, while not confusing them with complicated concepts.[1]

Dick Sutcliffe died in Dallas, Texas, from complications of a stroke at the age of 90 on May 11, 2008.[1]


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