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Dick Vrij
BornAmsterdam, Netherlands
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight242 lb (110 kg; 17.3 st)
Teacher(s)Chris Dolman
Thom Harinck
Years active1995 - 2003
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout5
By decision2
By knockout2
By submission2
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Dick Vrij is a Dutch[1] former professional mixed martial artist.[2] He competed in the Heavyweight[3] division.


A former bodybuilder and club bouncer, Vrij started training martial arts at the Chris Dolman gym. He had his debut to a worldwide audience when he wrestled a special match in Japanese pro wrestling promotion UWF Newborn, facing Yoshiaki Fujiwara in a losing effort. He would return to defeat Yoji Anjo and lose again to Fujiwara. When the promotion closed, Dolman and Vrij followed UWF member Akira Maeda to his Fighting Network RINGS promotion in 1990, becoming full time wrestlers for it. Vrij took part in RING's first main event, wrestling Maeda himself.

Vrij competed both in pro wrestling and shoot matches, having the first of them at the event RINGS Mega Battle IV, where he knocked out Mitsuya Nagai with a palm strike. He would defeat him in a rematch in RINGS Holland, knocking Nagai several times before winning by knee strike. They faced again in a rubber match in RINGS Maelstrom 6, but an improved Nagai capitalized on Vrij's lack of grappling skill and submitted him with a heel hook. Vrij would have another fight in Holland in 1997 against Pedro Palm, but the bout went to no contest due to Vrij landing an illegal kick while Palm was downed.

In February 1998, Vrij took on Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Paul Varelans in a vale tudo rules match for his return to RINGS Holland. Dick fought in bad health and under heavy ephedrine medication for a foot injury gained in a wrestling match with Valentijn Overeem, but he did not back down from the event. The subsequent match was controversial, as Dick was able to knock Varelans down in the first round and landed several unanswered punches, but then the referee pushed Vrij apart and restarted the bout standing instead of stopping it altogether. At the second round, Vrij felt the effects of his health, and Varelans capitalized to land a right punch and knock him out, winning the match. Vrij bounced back from the loss at the next Holland event, defeating another UFC alumnus in the form of Zane Frazier.

Mixed martial arts record[edit]

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 7-7 (1) Barrington Patterson KO (punch) It's Showtime: Amsterdam Arena June 8, 2003 2 1:47 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Loss 6-7 (1) Chris Haseman Submission (rear-naked choke) Rings Australia: NR 3 March 7, 1999 1 5:17 Australia
Win 6-6 (1) Zane Frazier KO (punch) Rings Holland: Judgement Day February 7, 1999 1 2:34 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Loss 5-6 (1) Wataru Sakata TKO Rings: World Mega Battle Tournament December 23, 1998 1 2:29 Japan
Loss 5-5 (1) Paul Varelans KO (punch) Rings Holland: The King of Rings February 8, 1998 2 0:30 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Loss 5-4 (1) Magomedkhan Gamzatkhanov N/A Rings: Battle Dimensions Tournament 1997 Final January 21, 1998 0 0:00 Japan
Win 5-3 (1) Tariel Bitsadze Submission (rear-naked choke) Rings: Mega Battle Tournament 1997 Semifinal 1 October 25, 1997 1 6:07 Japan
Win 4-3 (1) Tony Halme TKO (doctor stoppage) Rings: Extension Fighting 2 April 22, 1997 1 2:42 Japan
NC 3-3 (1) Pedro Palm No Contest Rings Holland: The Final Challenge February 2, 1997 1 1:00 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Loss 3-3 Tsuyoshi Kosaka N/A Rings: Battle Dimensions Tournament 1996 Opening Round October 25, 1996 0 0:00 Japan
Loss 3-2 Mitsuya Nagai Submission (heel hook) Rings: Maelstrom 6 August 24, 1996 1 6:16 Japan
Win 3-1 Hubert Numrich Submission (forearm choke) Rings Holland: Kings of Martial Arts February 18, 1996 1 1:48 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Loss 2-1 Akira Maeda N/A Rings: Battle Dimensions Tournament 1995 Opening Round October 21, 1995 0 0:00 Japan
Win 2-0 Mitsuya Nagai KO (knee) Rings Holland: Free Fight February 19, 1995 1 3:07 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Win 1-0 Tony Halme KO Rings: Budokan Hall 1995 January 25, 1995 1 2:55 Tokyo, Japan

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