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Dickens in America is a 2005 television documentary following Charles Dickens' travels across the United States in 1842, during which the young journalist penned American Notes.

The 10-episode series was hosted by British actress Miriam Margolyes, a lifelong fan of Dickens.

In Dickens In America, distinguished English actress Miriam Margolyes follows Dickens' 1842 American footsteps while encountering 21st century USA and some of its residents.

Interspersing history, travelogue and interviews, Dickens In America offers insight into Charles Dickens' love/hate relationship with North America and paints a personal and revealing portrait of modern day USA.

This 10-part road trip is suffused with optimism, a social conscience and the usual Dickens eye for the comic, the critical and the satirical. Dickens In America assesses a young radical Dickens' view of the emerging country's manners and morals, its flaws, fashions and its fascination with celebrity.

It was produced by Lion Scotland for BBC Four.

DVD Release[edit]

The DVD of the series was released in North America on 1 March 2011.[1]

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