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Dick Smith's DICKHEADS matches

Dickheads were a brand of matches released by Australian businessman Dick Smith in 1999,[1] and later discontinued. The name is a pun on the Redheads brand of matches.

The matches were made in Villawood, New South Wales, Australia by Steric Trading Pty Ltd, from local and imported materials. While the matchsticks and matchheads were made overseas, local packaging allowed the product to be labelled "Australian made".[2] These matchboxes were first sold in boxes of 25, "DICKHEADS 25", then 22,"DICKHEADS 22" and finally 20 "DICKHEADS 20".

The back of the box reads:[1]

Although the original packs were discontinued, packs of 5 "seed sticks" in the same style are available from the Dick Smith Foods website.[3]


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