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Dickson D. Despommier
Dickson Despommier underground.JPG
Dickson Despommier (2014).
Born (1940-06-05) June 5, 1940 (age 79)
Alma materColumbia University, Medical Parasitology
University of Notre Dame, Microbiology
Known forVertical Farming
Medical Ecology of West Nile Virus
Urban Sustainable Agricultural Initiatives
Emerging Infectious Disease Ecology
The Trichinella Page
Medica Ecology
The Vertical Farm
AwardsAmerican Medical Student Association National Teaching Award 2003
Scientific career
InstitutionsColumbia University Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health and Department of Microbiology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
ThesisThe in vivo and in vitro analysis of acquired resistance to Trichinella spiralis infections in mice. (1967)
InfluencedRené Dubos, Miklos Muller, Vincent Racaniello
Dickson Despommier at Pop!Tech 2008

Dickson D. Despommier (born June 5, 1940[1]) is an emeritus professor of microbiology and Public Health at Columbia University. From 1971-2009, he conducted research on intracellular parasitism and taught courses on parasitic diseases, medical ecology and ecology. In recent years, Despommier has received considerable media coverage for his ideas on vertical farming.[2][3] He developed his concept of vertical farming over a 10-year period with graduate students in a medical ecology class beginning in 1999, with work continued by designer Chris Jacobs and Ontarian eco-architects like Gordon Graff[4][5] from the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture.

Despommier is also co-host of three popular podcasts along with Vincent Racaniello, namely TWIV (This Week in Virology), TWIP (This Week in Parasitism) and Urban Agriculture.[6]


Despommier has research interest in the ecotone, a transition area between two biomes, as a zone of high disease transmission and also in the spread of schistosomiasis, malaria, and a variety of helminths (ascaris, hookworm, trichuris) in agricultural areas. Despommier has studied the ecology of West Nile virus with a focus on related patterns of weather.[1][7]

Research and findings on Trichinella spiralis, the causative agent of trichinosis, have resulted in a large body of literature. Despommier is especially known for his research findings in this area which led to numerous advances in the understanding of the "muscle stage" of the organism, and how it maintains itself in the host for long periods of time in the Nurse cell/parasite complex (weeks to years in some cases).

Trichinella spiralis research publications[edit]

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Vertical farming[edit]

Despommier is concerned about protecting food crops from severe weather events such as floods and droughts. He has explored the feasibility of raising crops indoors in multistory buildings within the urban landscape.[1]

In June, 2008 Despommier appeared on the "Colbert Report", where he described the concept of vertical farming to Stephen Colbert.[8][9]

Concepts of medical ecology, a course taught by Despommier, is summarized in 18 presentations.[10]


Despommier has authored or co-authored ten books:


Despommier is also a photographer. He received the following photography awards:

  • "First place in photography", Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, Fall 2004 – "Portals"
  • "Highest award in show", Salmagundi Club, Fall 2006. – "Mocha Latte Water buffalo"


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