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Dicksonia antarctica
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Division: Polypodiophyta
Class: Polypodiopsida
Order: Cyatheales
Family: Dicksoniaceae
Genus: Dicksonia
Type species
Dicksonia arborescens

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  • Balantium Kaulfuss

Dicksonia is a genus of tree ferns in the order Cyatheales. It is regarded as related to Cyathea, but is considered to retain more primitive traits, dating back at least to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The fossil record includes stems, pinnules, and spores.

The genus contains 20–25 species, distributed from Mexico to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile, St. Helena, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. New Guinea has the greatest diversity, with five species.

Species of Dicksonia found in cultivation include:

  • D. antarctica, soft tree fern[1]
  • D. fibrosa, woolly tree fern
  • D. squarrosa, rough or slender tree fern

The genus was first described by Charles Louis L'Héritier de Brutelle in 1788. The name honors James Dickson, a prominent nurseryman and botanist.[1]


Plants of the World Online as of As of January 2023 recognizes the following species:[2]

Image Scientific name Distribution
Dicksonia amorosoana Lehnert & Coritico Philippines (Mindanao)
Dicksonia antarctica kz01.jpg Dicksonia antarctica Labill., soft tree fern, Tasmanian tree fern Australia
Fetos arbóreos no Jardim Municipal, Funchal - Aug 2012.jpg Dicksonia arborescens L'Hér. St. Helena
Dicksonia archboldii Copel. New Guinea
Dicksonia baudouinii E.Fourn. New Caledonia
Dicksonia berteroana (Colla) Hook. Juan Fernández Islands
Dicksonia blumei Edinburgh botanical garden 01.jpg Dicksonia blumei (Kunze) T.Moore Indonesia, Philippines
Dicksonia brackenridgei Mett. Fiji, Samoa
Dicksonia celebica Lehnert Sulawesi.
Dicksonia ceramica Lehnert Maluku (Seram)
Dicksonia externa1.jpg Dicksonia externa Skottsb. Juan Fernández Islands
Dicksonia fibrosa kz06.jpg Dicksonia fibrosa Colenso, woolly tree fern, kuripaka or wheki-ponga New Zealand
Dicksonia gigantea (11310015693).jpg Dicksonia grandis Rosenst. New Guinea
Dicksonia herbertii W.Hill Northeastern Queensland, Australia
Dicksonia hieronymi Brause New Guinea
Dicksonia karsteniana (Klotzsch) T.Moore Mexico to Venezuela and Bolivia
Dicksonia lanata Colenso Tuokuro. New Zealand
Dicksonia lanigera Holttum New Guinea
Dicksonia lehnertiana Noben, F.Giraldo, W.D.Rodr. & A.Tejedor Colombia
Dicksonia mollis Holttum Indonesia
Dicksonia munzingeri Noben & Lehnert Solomon Islands to New Caledonia.
Dicksonia perriei Noben & Lehnert New Caledonia
Dicksonia sciurus C.Chr. New Guinea
Dicksonia sellowiana in a Brasilian Forest.jpg Dicksonia sellowiana (C.Presl) Hook., xaxim, samambaiuçu (in Portuguese) Southern Mexico through Central America and Northern South America to Bolivia and Uruguay
Dicksonia squarrosa, Christchurch Botanic Gardens, New Zealand 19.jpg Dicksonia squarrosa (G.Forst.) Sw., rough tree fern, slender tree fern, New Zealand tree fern, wheki New Zealand
Dicksonia stuebelii Hieron. Northern Peru
Gardenology.org-IMG 2502 rbgs11jan.jpg Dicksonia thyrsopteroides Mett. New Caledonia
Dicksonia timorensis Adjie Lesser Sunda Islands (Timor)
Dicksonia utteridgei Lehnert & Cámara-Leret New Guinea
Gardenology.org-IMG 2495 rbgs11jan.jpg Dicksonia youngiae C.Moore ex Baker, bristly tree fern Australia


Phylogeny of Dicksonia[3][4]

D. squarrosa (Forster 1786) Swartz

D. baudouinii Fournier

D. lanata Colenso

D. brackenridgei Mettenius

D. perriei Noben & Lehnert

D. munzingeri Noben & Lehnert

D. thyrsopteroides Mettenius

D. timorensis Adjie

D. antarctica de Labillardière

D. fibrosa Colenso

D. stuebelii Hieronymus

D. karsteniana (Klotzsch 1847) Moore

D. navarrensis Christ

D. blumei (Kunze 1848) Moore

D. sellowiana (Presl 1836) Hooker

D. arborescens L’Héritier de Brutelle

D. berteroana (Colla 1836) Hooker

D. herbertii Hill

D. youngiae Moore ex Baker

D. mollis Holttum

D. hieronymi Brause

D. grandis Rosenstock

D. lanigera Holttum

D. archboldii Copeland

D. sciurus Christensen

Other species include:


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