Dicky Moore

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Dicky Moore
Born (1978-10-01) 1 October 1978 (age 39)
Essex, England
Genres Alternative dance, electronic, nu disco, indietronica, nu folk
Occupation(s) Songwriter, musician, remixer, DJ.
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1995–present
Associated acts Bearcraft
Scritti Politti
Frank Sidebottom
Dream Themes
Website www.dickymoore.co.uk

Dicky Moore (born October 1978, Rochford, Essex, England) is an English, London based, singer-songwriter, who performs under the pseudonym Bearcraft and plays guitar with Scritti Politti.

Early life[edit]

Moore formed the band Scintillate in 1994. Scintillate enjoyed local success in their hometown Southend, winning the 1997 battle of the bands competition, "It's a Rockout".[citation needed] They disbanded in 2005.

Scritti Politti[edit]

Moore joined Scritti Politti on guitar in 2004 after meeting Green Gartside in a Hackney pub opposite where he lived.[1] Moore toured worldwide with Scritti Politti on their 2006 tour of North America, Japan and the United Kingdom. He also played at the Mercury Prize awards in 2006 where Scritti Politti were nominated for the album, White Bread, Black Beer.

Frank Sidebottom[edit]

From 2006, Moore played guitar for the London branch of Frank Sidebottom's Oh Blimey Big Band, alongside Scritti Politti bandmate Rhodri Marsden. Moore and Co were due to perform with Sidebottom four days after his death in June 2010.[citation needed]


Moore's first solo release was the 2007 "It's About Time" EP which was described as upbeat, layered, complex, and lush.[2] Since changing his stage-name to Bearcraft, Moore's output has largely been of the Electronic style. Red Hot Velvet described his debut album Yestreen as being of the genre synth folk.[3]


In April 2009, Moore announced he would be releasing music and performing with the name "Bearcraft", explaining that this signalled a shift in his style. Following the announcement a Myspace page was set up, containing new songs, all of which were synth-based. Bearcraft’s debut album, Yestreen, was released on 16 August 2010 through Hottwerk Records, and had positive reviews in the music press.[4]


Solo albums[edit]

  • Yestreen (August 2010)

Solo singles[edit]

  • "It's About Time E.P." (2007 As Dicky Moore)
  • "The Werewolf" (2009)
  • "Dark Night" (2010)
  • "Werecraft" (2010)
  • "Out on a Limb" (2010)
  • "Honey" (2012)

Bearcraft albums[edit]

Year Album
2010 Yestreen

Bearcraft singles and EPs[edit]

Year Title Album Track listing
2009 "The Werewolf EP" Yestreen "The Werewolf (Radio Edit)"; "The Werewolf (Chanty Poe Remix)";
"The Werewolf (Special 12' Disco Version)"; "The Omega Point (Eeprom Remix)"
2009 "Dark Night" "Dark Night (Radio Version)"; "Dark Night (Krucy Darkstar Remix)"
"Dark Night (Special 12 Inch Disco Version)"
2010 "Werecraft (Remix EP)" "The Werewolf (Dpplgngrs Remix)"; "Broadswords (Laserdisco Thank U Mastermix)";
"Broadswords (Lo Fi Beats Remix)"
2010 "Out on a Limb" "Out on a Limb"; "Out on a Limb (Philmore's Limbo Mix)"
2012 "Honey EP" "Honey"; "Honey (Polish Ambassador Remix)"; "Honey (Age of Consent Midnight Drive)"


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