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Dicle University
Dicle Üniversitesi
Dicle University Logo.PNG
Type Public[1]
Established 1974
Rector Prof.Dr. Talip Gül
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 17,600[2]
Location Diyarbakır, Turkey
Campus Rural
Website www.dicle.edu.tr

Dicle University (Turkish: Dicle Üniversitesi, Kurdish: Zanîngeha Dîcleyê‎), is a public university located in Diyarbakır, Turkey, on the eastern side of the Tigris river. The university is one of the oldest and largest higher education institutions in southeastern Anatolia, Turkey.

Built on a twenty-seven-thousand-acre area in the eastern side of the historical city of Diyarbakır, Dicle University takes its name from the river which splits the university from the city. Apart from its main campus in Diyarbakır, the university has vocational schools in Ergani, Çermik, Çüngüş, Bismil, and Silvan.[3]


The Faculty of Medicine, which was opened in 1966 as a part of Ankara University, forms the nucleus of the present Dicle University. With the opening of the Faculty of Art and Sciences in 1974, Dicle University was officially founded including two faculties. The Faculty of Dentistry was founded in 1976 and the Faculty of Agriculture in 1981. The name Diyarbakir University was changed to Dicle University in 1982. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, The Faculty of Law, The Faculty of Education, three graduate schools and five schools were opened as new institutions of the University.

Today there are 11 faculties, four schools, 11 vocational schools, three graduate schools, one state conservatory, and eight research and application centres under the administration of the university.[4]

Dicle University is at the centre of the GAP.[5]

Students celebrating Newroz


Graduate schools[edit]

  • Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Graduate School of Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Science[7]

Vocational schools[edit]

  • Atatürk School of Health
  • School of Physical Education and Sports
  • School of Civil Aviation
  • School of Foreign Language
  • Diyarbakir Vocational School
  • Bismil Vocational School
  • Çermik Vocational School
  • Çüngüş Vocational School
  • Ergani Vocational School
  • Silvan Vocational School
  • Atatürk Vocational School of Health Sciences.[8]

Research centers[edit]

  • Continuing Education Center
  • Atatürk's principles and reforms Research Center
  • Social Research Center
  • Environmental Issues Application and Research Center
  • GAP Application and Research Center
  • Solar Energy Application and Research Center
  • Liver Diseases Application and Research Center
  • Psychological and Social Counselling Application and Research Center
  • Medical Sciences Application and Research Center
  • Natural Disasters Research Center[9]

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