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Web address dictionary.com
Type of site
Available in English
Created by Brian Kariger
Daniel Fierro
Launched May 14, 1995; 20 years ago (1995-05-14)

Dictionary.com is an online dictionary founded in May 1995[1] by Brian Kariger and Daniel Fierro as part of Lexico Publishing, which also included Thesaurus.com and Reference.com.[2] The content for the site is based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, with other content from the Collins English Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary and others.[3]

In 2008, Dictionary.com was acquired by Ask.com, an IAC company.[2] In April 2009, Dictionary.com offered their first dictionary app in the Apple Store. Since then, they have also introduced a standalone thesaurus app called Thesaurus Rex, along with education apps, Dictionary.com Flashcards, Word Dynamo, and Learning to Read with Zoo Animals.


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